Amanda Holmes
Amanda Holmes
CEO of Chet Holmes
International (CHI)
Upgrade U Speaker
Amanda Holmes, the dynamic CEO of Chet Holmes International, commands a legacy that has transformed over 250,000 businesses worldwide, propelling them to generate a staggering $53 billion in revenue over five decades. Inheriting the reins of the company at the young age of 24, following the untimely passing of her visionary father, Chet Holmes, Amanda swiftly demonstrated her innate leadership prowess. Within the initial years of assuming leadership, Amanda orchestrated a remarkable surge in leads by an astounding 1176%, while consistently doubling the company's coaching clientele year after year.

Under Amanda's astute guidance, Chet Holmes International has not only sustained its momentum but has soared to new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the global business landscape. Over the past decade, Amanda's strategic vision and unwavering dedication have fueled exponential growth, with the company witnessing a doubling of sales and achieving double-digit growth rates. Furthermore, Amanda's stewardship has seen the revival of The Ultimate Sales Machine, propelling it back to the bestseller lists a remarkable 15 years after its original release.

Amanda's mission is to help companies double their sales while cutting their stress in half.