Nima Farshid
Nima Farshid
Founder of Gaia Healers, Biofield Expert
Gaia Healers
Upgrade U Speaker
Nima Farshid, a trailblazer in integrative holistic healing, brings a wealth of expertise and inspiration to the Biohacking Conference stage.

Overcoming a dire medical prognosis through a journey of global exploration and learning, Nima emerged as a beacon of hope and innovation in the field of health and wellness. As the leader of a dynamic team of over 1500 researchers and practitioners, he spearheads groundbreaking initiatives that bridge the gap between traditional and alternative medicine. With a passion for empowering individuals to optimize their health and well-being, Nima's talk promises to enlighten and inspire audiences with cutting-edge insights and transformative strategies for biohacking the body and mind.