Paul Saladino, MD
Paul Saladino, MD
Keynote Speaker
Paul Saladino, MD is a double board certified MD, host of the Fundamental Health podcast, and author of The Carnivore Code and The Carnivore Code Cookbook.

Paul believes in questioning our assumptions about health and nutrition, which makes him controversial in modern medicine. He's much more interested in optimal health than in dogmatic adherence to a mainstream narrative.

Paul graduated from medical school at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and completed his residency at the University of Washington in Seattle. After residency, Paul attained a board certification as a Physician Nutrition Specialist.

Throughout Paul's medical training, he came to one very saddening conclusion: our Western medical system isn’t helping people lead richer lives. Western medicine fails to treat the root cause of chronic illness, and doctors are only taught to treat symptoms with medications, rather than trying to understand the roots of illness.

Paul firmly believes that nutritional choices lie at the ROOT of so many chronic illnesses that western medicine deems irreversible. And he also believes that most chronic illnesses are preventable AND reversible.