Jack Dell’Accio
Jack Dell’Accio
Founder & CEO
Upgrade U Speaker
Jack Dell’Accio, Certified Sleep Coach and CEO & Founder of Essentia, has been focused on analyzing sleep for over 20 years! 
Of most importance to Jack is the impact of restorative sleep in terms of recovery from disease, prevention of disease, longevity, and performance. Jack has worked with some of the world's top athletes to optimize their recovery and performance. Through the years, he has worked directly with health gurus, professional athletes, and teams in the NBA, NFL, MLS, and over 25% of active NHL players on creating healthy sleep performance. 
Several internationally renowned organizations have recognized Essentia’s organic mattress, including the Mayo Clinic’s Well Living Lab. Essentia has been named the #1 foam mattress by Consumer Reports for 7 consecutive years. Now, Jack is proud to present the results of a double-blind sleep study of professional athletes which proves Essentia can extend the time spent in REM and Deep Sleep cycles by 20% to 60%!